Edgerton, MN

City Page


 Jason Snyder
Council Members: Kathy Baker, Rick Fey, Del Hulstein and Ron Williams
Public Works Directors:  Doug Brands and Jeff Snyder
City Clerk/Development Coordinator/Treasurer: Michael VanderHaar


Edgerton City Hall
801 1st Ave W
PO Box 145
Edgerton, MN 56128
Phone: 507-442-7891
Fax:  507-442-3567

Email for Michael VanderHaar:  michael@edgertonmn.com

Email for Mary Kreun:  mary@edgertonmn.com

Edgerton City Maintenance Building
Public Works Department
Mechanic St South
Edgerton, MN 56128
Phone: 507-442-4361

Doug Brands, Water Supervisor
Jeff Snyder, WasteWater Supervisor

Email for our Public Works team:  publicworks@edgertonmn.com

City Fees
Click on the following document to see the 2017 Fees for license, permits, the swimming pool, the campground, and for shelter reservations:   http://edgertonmn.com/upload/2017%20Final%20Fees.docx

Building Permit Application
Download the following form and return to City Hall: http://edgertonmn.com/upload/Building%20Permit.pdf

Please keep in mind that this form is an application only; your permit must be approved before you begin work on your project.

Please note the following as they relate to our building permit process:
1.   The current Building Permit fee is $50 plus .1% of the total
      project cost.
2.   If you wish to have your permit considered at a regular
      council meeting (first Wednesday of every month), the
      permit application must be submitted to City Hall no later
      than one week prior to the meeting.
3.   If your building project involves requesting a variance to
      build closer to the property line than is allowed by City
      Code, you will be required to have a property survey
      completed by a licensed surveyor.
4.   The cost for a Variance Hearing at a regular council
      meeting is $250.
5.   The cost for a Variance Hearing at a special meeting
      is $350.
6.   Not sure if you need a building permit for your project?
      Stop by City Hall or give us a call at 507-442-7891.

Monthly Utility Billing
Utility bills are normally mailed out at the beginning of the month and mailed to residents.  If you prefer to have this done electronically, then the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) process is for you.  If you enroll in the EFT program, you will receive notice of the amount due via email.  On or around the 20th of the month, the amount due on your notice will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. In order to enroll in the EFT program, please complete the following document (don't forget to include a voided check) and drop off or mail to City Hall: 

In order to read your emailed water bill, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your device.  Click the following link for directions on how to download the software:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/

City Clean-Up
Each spring, residents are encouraged to participate in our City Clean-Up day to show community pride by working together to keep a clean and attractive town. For details about what is and is not accepted in 2017, as well as when fees might apply, click here: http://edgertonmn.com/upload/2017%20Spring%20Cleaning%20flyer.pdf

Curbside recycling is provided to all Edgerton residential properties every other week on Tuesday morning. Acceptable recyclables in our program are: aluminum and tin cans, glass, plastic containers (with symbols 1-5), paper and corrugated cardboard. Click here to view the 2017 Pipestone County recycling calendar and/or to see the complete list of what is recyclable in our programhttp://edgertonmn.com/upload/2017%20Recycling%20Calendar.pdf.

Hard copies of this information is also available in the brochure rack located in the lobby of the City Hall/Library building.  

In addition, Pipestone County has a Weekly Appliance & Hazardous Waste Collection.  The collection dates are every Wednesday from 7am-3pm and take place at the Pipestone County Recycling Center located at 718 4th St NW. Items accepted include: appliances, electronics, household hazardous waste, fluorescent bulbs and ballasts, lead acid and rechargeable batteries, and empty pesticide containers. For questions regarding the Pipestone County weekly collection, please contact them at 507-825-1185.

Residential Demolition Program
The purpose of the City's Residential Demolition Program is to provide financial assistance to Owners/Developers/Contractors to demolish sub-standard and irreparable housing structures. The City Council reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. For more details about the program, including an application for this grant, click here: http://edgertonmn.com/upload/City%20program%20app_new2017_revised.pdf

Street Light Problems
To report a problem with street lights in your neighborhood, please take one of the following steps:
1.  call City Hall at 442-7891
2.  call Excel Energy at 1-800-960-6235
3.  click here to complete an on-line outage report:  http://www.xcelenergy.com/outages_and_emergencies/outdoor_lighting_outages

Active Living is a way of life that integrates physical activity into your daily routine. It starts with choosing to walk or bike instead of taking the car. This choice is influenced by the built environment.

GOAL:  To enable the City of Edgerton to become a more walkable community through strategic pedestrian improvements outlined in the Edgerton Active Living Plan.

OBJECTIVE:  Identify destinations, gaps, areas of concern, and prioritize projects for addressing pedestrian infrastructure in the City of Edgerton.

A PROPOSAL:  Think about walkability and bikeability when considering decisions that influence the built environment.

Here's our current plan:  http://edgertonmn.com/upload/Edgerton_Active%20Living%20Plan_2_5_16.pdf


Farmers' Market

Interested in participating in our Wednesday afternoon/evening Farmers' Market? Here's what you need to know:

A vendor selling baked and other home-made goods MUST register online as a MN Cottage Food Producer. This is a Minnesota state law.  Visit http://www.mda.state.mn.us/cottagefood for details. You will be required to provide a copy of your Cottage Food Producer card when paying for your city permit.

The annual city permit fee for all vendors participating in the Edgerton Farmer's Market is $25. Please pay the fee at City Hall. Vendors will need to have their city permit on display when participating in the Farmers' Market.


Park Shelters
We have three shelters in Edgerton that can be reserved:  two at the City Park and one at Rock River Park & Campground.  A $25 deposit is required. Call City Hall at 507-442-7891 to make a reservation.